Iam happy to see that you guys all like her so much^^

Well a update again^^ her wig is ready and her guitar..

She still needs her outfit LOL
He looks excellent but her eyes and hair are just so cool. And so well matched to the original design.

I keep having to go back and look, she's so pretty!
[Image: siggy.jpg]
Cheeva (Chill), Kered (Arion), Aponae (Mir), Aalis(Naah-ato), Ptolemy(ASR), Yhi(Unknown), Zhori(Kirsche), Romulus(Gyro), Tari(Uncanricky), Ehimer(Craziia), Rue(Zuora), Rapunzel(Wind), Lily(Latte), Tamara(Nero)
oo i love your hidan!
Glad you all like them^^

Well I have the first pics of itachi^^
OO I'm so jealous! How beatiful he is!
Very Cute!!!
I getting 9 customs of sheryl^^ only sasuke has no pics yet^^
I just love her customs, she's the best

New pics from sheryl:

Gaara, sakura and naruto(without make-up yet):


Old pic:
New one:

Old pic:
New one:

Churam chua:
Old pic:
New pic:

Melissa Seraphy:
Old pic:
New pic:

What do you guys think?
New pics of Chua Churam and Melissa Seraphy:

Itachi and sasuke Uchiha:

What do you guys think??
They are awesome! The detail on these dolls is unbelievable!

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