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Miss Sally Rice
Well, I have wanted this girl forever!!

How much would I have to pay for her nude?
I've been seeing them hovering around $250, in various states of customized (scalp swapped, licca body, sand matted, even full face-ups).
So a minty girl might be between $250 and $300?
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If you belong to the this is Blythe forum I think the have a list of prices paid for different dolls.... Not sure how current it is tho.Tongue
More Feedback can be found here:
Mines $200 currently for sale.... I think thats a steal!
Stock wanted - Blythe Cousin Olivia blouse and corset, Angelic Pretty Dal, Momoko Sweet Poodle
Items wanted - Girl Ciel boots, Pirate Dal's boots
Clicky for bigger WANTLIST!

Ruled by one Kenner blythe....
I saw one go on the bay for £120 with full stock & P&P.
Two sold on ebay for $249 (MIB/NIB) and $219 (EUC/ with stock outfit) with about $15. shipping added to that price.

I did not see any nude ones but others listed on ebay (MIB,NIB) are listed for $249. low to $330 high. I would just guess, a nude one would be about $150-$190.

If you search nude Blythes, a variety of them come up.

Blythe Price List "M"

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