King for a Queen (Taeyang custom, Marie)
I got a damaged Filato and fixed him up and gave him a repaint, nice wig and the Another King outfit and I think Marie is very happy to finally have a man worthy of her around here!

[Image: pu01.JPG]

Marie: Who needs Alberic!
[Image: pu02.JPG]

King: I shall rule all the Pullips now!
[Image: pu04.JPG]

[Image: pu05.JPG]
WOW!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!! *0* He's stunning, great job!
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Wow! I really like the face-up you gave him. He looks like he's brooding about something. I can't believe he was Filato before you worked your magic.

I think out of all the Taeyang face-ups that I've seen from you, this one is definitely a favorite! Nice work (as usual), Buff! smile
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They look perfect together!!!
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he looks awesome, what a cute couple they make smile

he is stunning, they are a perfect couple smile

I can't wait to get me a Buff creation (or 2 grin )
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