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I have never photographed My Little Ponies before. Sweatdrop I just never thought about it until today when I became really bored. I used to have a dozen MLP's when I was little but now they are in the basement somewhere. But still have these two and decided to take them out.

[Image: 10zv3o7.jpg]

[Image: 2rpupzt.jpg]

The first one is my favorite. <3 I have an attachment to him. At first he was just a decoration in my room but one day I was looking at him and I called him "Sisen" because I realized how much he reminded me of DJ Sisen! So I named him Sisen and decided he was a male. Love him so much now.

Second one doesn't have a name or particular gender. Female, I guess. Name suggestions are welcome!

Oh, and here is Sisen's "tattoo" on his bum. xD
[Image: 293ais0.jpg]
Photographing ponies is so much fun LOL

And your pics are beautiful, those two are just gorgeous Heart 2
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