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My Poniehs
Here is a group shot of all my ponies!
Can you spot the Large custom? That is Spectacular Spectacular. <3
[Image: Groupponies.jpg]

I also have the start of a Starsong army up in the corner.
You have a lovely collection, & I spy monster high dolls! smile

Oh thank you so much!
And yes. (I AM A HUGE FAN OF MH) I am working on getting Spectra & Abbey right now...
But it is hard when money is tough and there are so many scalpers out there.
That's some nice shelves full of awesome you've got there!! smile
Tatianna (Uncanricky), Kittie (Naomi), Omega/Mini-Me (Grell), Alys (Yeolume), Priscilla (Eris), Grell (Male Grell), Nanachan (Nanachan), Sebastianne (Stica), Natalie (Natalie), Sylvie Valentine (Premium Pullip Veritas Crimson Version), Strawberry Rose (Siry), Karen (Karen), Marie (Marie), Angela (Cheshire Cat Steampunk), Alice (Optical Alice), Noir (Regen Noir), Jeanne (Jeanne)
Pullip Alura, Pullip Elizabeth Always on the hunt for Re-Ment
Your pony collection looks great!
Volks MSD "Nagisa in Preschool" ClaireVolks SD "2008 Renewal" Nono MimiVolks DDS Ms. Mariko Lily

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