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How do you collect your MH dolls?
(10-16-2012, 08:36 PM)Lilcurly Wrote: kitten-squid, Why don't you like Nefera? I seem to have gotten into the CAM sets too :p I just wish they did better wigs & clothes for them. I'm hoping that at some point they'll release clothes sets (decent ones) for the CAM dolls, as all my CAM dolls are nakey :p

You know, I'm not really sure what it is with Nefera, I guess she's just not my cuppa tea. Plus she's taller so she's have to have her own shelf, and that would only give her more of a complex! xD I sooooo hear you about the CAM wigs! I've been using cheap Liv wigs since I can ignore the fact that they're a little big better than I can ignore the fact that CAM wigs are a little crappy. A few of my CAM girls have really cute dresses I got from dragonlady in a trade, they are just precious! Other than that, I also wish they'd release some new and different outfits too!
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I've started collecting 2 years ago and I bought every line until sweet 1600 and skull shores came out.... I bought them but then I decided just to buy basic new characters, limited editions and some random dolls but to collect all the lines is almost impossible sad now I'm trying to get my hands on venus, robecca and scarah...
I just collect the ones I like smile I am a huge faof the CAMS so I have more of them. I like being able to name them and make their own personalities. I have a few FRankies though and Lagoonas.
I tried to resist them for years and recently got into them. I still can't stop buying them.^^' Everything started with Cupid, and then Rochelle. I mostly concentrate on any pink dolls and werecats, since I like both pink and cats. Although I do have a few of other characters too.XD
kitten-squid, do you know what brand the dresses are? I have no idea what fits MH, if anything, they're so dam skinny.

reptyle86, it is really hard to collect them all! Which is a shame, but ce la vie.

youngatheart, I love the CAMS too smile They give space for a little imagination.

kochan, they are pretty irrisistable! I keep thinking I should stop or sell them.....but i doubt it'll ever happen.

I own only one: an original Draculaura. I want the gargoyle girl and the steampunk girl but none of my local stores stock them.
It does tend to be a bit of a mission to find certain dolls sometimes, I doubt you'll have just the one for long though :p I only planned on having the original I have about 30 of them - lol.

I've had my Draculaura since 2010. So I've only had one for close to 3 years now; not by my choosing - they're just so hard to find in general and to find without ugly faces.

30? Awesome. I bet that many could fill up a whole doll cabinet. Lol.
Monster High dolls, especially the newer ones are wicked hard to find around here, so there's a good chunk of dolls that I have and will never see in person.
Typically, I tend to lean towards Draculauras and Abbeys. I had to buy Nefera and Rochelle on Amazon... and though I've never seen Neferas in stores around here, Rochelle is everywhere now. Le sigh.
(12-08-2012, 06:49 PM)Lilcurly Wrote: It does tend to be a bit of a mission to find certain dolls sometimes, I doubt you'll have just the one for long though :p I only planned on having the original I have about 30 of them - lol.

I totally agree...I "just" wanted to have a few basics, then I wanted some doubles for customs...then a few new ones...

yesterday I tried to count them *cough* I counted around 65 on my shelves, I already ordered around 6 or 7 new ones for christmas for myself :-) and a few for my daughters...and I can remember some times ago I put some of the special ones away, because we are renovating rooms and I wanted to get them out of the way...but they exist somewhere above hehe...when I should make a rough guess I think I have around 80...*blush* I cant stop help me...
I used to try and collect them all but like you said with them releasing so many in a short period of time it's too hard to keep up with. Now I only buy the ones I really want. But that brings me to another issue I have. It's insanely hard to find MH dolls in my area. The Walmarts and Targets are constantly out of the ones that I want and TRU is the place I'd go if I couldn't find it cheaper anywhere else but even they don't have a great selection. So I search the web hoping to find one place that has all of the ones I want and I always end up coming up empty handed. I really wish the Mattel website would have all of the dolls available to buy online. It's really irritating having to run around (physically or just my busy little fingers) trying to find all of the dolls I want.
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I am a cutomizer. All my dolls have their own design and character that i made up myself. I have ABJD that are frankendolls and most my MH are Frankendolls too. Right now I am working on a zombie girl who cas CAM werewolf body, CAM mummy head and a few CAM skeleton limbs. My MH CAM witch has bee girl wings and my CAM sea monster has had her arm tenticals removed and is sporting the Dragon wings.

I tend to hunt down the parts I need on ebay. I danced for joy when I found the CAM skeleton pack for only 7.00 at my local grocery store hahah
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Just the ones I like >.> And even still, I am hesitant on getting them! Just because I'd rather spend my money on other doll stuff. My Monster Highs are 99% for collection purposes only. I hardly take pictures of them, but I do have a small collection of them.

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For a while I was just collecting the dolls that I liked, but after a few issues (gross hair, feeling overwhelmed) I'm just doing new characters. Especially because I'm not employed, and it's just so hard to keep up.
I found my first one at Toys R Us before they really caught on. I'd never heard of them, but thought they were really cute, so I bought a 1st wave Frankie & Lagoona. Then, I lost my job and couldn't afford to buy any more for a very long time. Once I had income again, I kept finding them for super cheap at my local Walgreens (I work for Walgreens, so I get an employee discount on top of the already cheaper-than-average price, meaning sometimes I can pick up a doll for as little as $10). Now, I'm hooked and I get them all over the place: Target, Amazon, Ebay. I'm trying to make up for lost time and get the two 1st wave dolls I always wanted & never got (Ghoulia & Draculaura). Someday I'll find a Cleo and a Clawdeen I like...maybe.

Edit: Clawdeen, not Howleen. I already have a Howleen I like. :-)
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