Eli, Socks and Sadness
This is Eli, a former Elisabeth. It took me quite a while to get her transformed like this, but now I'm so happy with her appearance. Although she's still missing her blue fur wig. Happy

In the afternoon Eli and I were sitting in the kitchen together doing nothing special.
[Image: 8197397496_2af9f03f23_z.jpg]

When suddenly she came up to me and asked: "Why are you looking so sad, Mom?"

[Image: 8197399618_f993677e9a_z.jpg]

"Because I'm missing my friend." is my response, feeling touched by Elis care.
"Why? Where is he?" Eli asks, climbing to the window and looking at the frosty scenery.
[Image: 8197399010_8ab2958e5a_z.jpg]

"He's far away and we won't see him for a long time." She blinks at me for a moment, then turns to the table again. "Then I have to cheer you up until you can see him again."

[Image: 8196306643_68eff9ccd4_z.jpg]

"Look Mom, I'm just as big as the sock you're knitting." And a little smile appears on my face, as I watch Eli trying to cover herself in the sock.

Hope you enjoyed the story. ^^
aw *hug* she is ADORABLE! and her eyes are beautiful!
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So cute! I love how you posed her in the photos...it really does seem like she's lonely and missing her friend.

And I love the colors you used for your sock!
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Awwww! That is so cute smile I love what you've done with your Elisabeth, she looks great.

She's so lovely! The blue eyes are a really amazing touch, they look soooo good on her!
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Thank you all so much! grin

@ kitten-squid: It was a hard decision to change her eyes because I loved her red stock eyes but I think it was really worth it. ^^
Wow! She is really pretty! grin
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She's really pretty, omg! <33
I really do like Elisabeth normally, but those eyes.. ahh! <3
She's so lovely. yay

[Image: tumblr_inline_mj98vnbBX81qz4rgp.gif]

// stuff i want~♥♥
ahh i just changed my elisabeths eyes too, its such a hard decision but sometimes it pays off, and this is one of the times smile
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She has such piercing, beautiful eyes.

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