Pullip Dilettante review and photos
I think I am in love. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the skirt, but I think...I could easily make her a new skirt. And I love her in that sweater outfit. I think she'd be lovely in a dark brown wig, maybe in a bob style? Oh dear. I want. sad
This review makes me want her, she's sooo pretty. And that blouse! grin
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ISO: Pullip Yuki stock wig / Pullip Panda glasses / Dal Tweety stock outfit / Byul Secomi stock outfit

I'm putting her on my Wish List as soon as she's released! I absolutely love her! Her stock outfit is just... LOVE!! That neutral face up is so stunning for her.

Sorry to bump the post (kind of...) but she's just so... grin

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Glad you like her! (And don't worry about posting to a thread that's only a couple weeks old. That's fine!)
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In my opinion her stovk pictures make her look a little to mean. But I recently found her on ebay and omg! I am in love! She doesn't fit into my dream family I hope to have but I might buy her anyways in my opinion she reminds me of Pullip Hannah just a tad. But its because they are both fashion girls
She's gorgeous. I love her stock and her faceup... It reminds me a lot of my BRH only with lighter lips. She's going on my list of wants. smile Thanks for posting the pictures True!
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