Lipchain <3
I wanted to show everyone my new boy, Lipchain Leo!
[Image: 27731516785_a50c8aebdb_z.jpg]Lipchain by Haley, on Flickr
He's my first Taeyang since October! How did I go so long without buying any more Taeyangs? I am so in love with him.
[Image: 27453680760_8a37028fa8_z.jpg]Lipchain by Haley, on Flickr
Koichi was the first(and only) doll I fell complely in love with before he was even released, but I waited for owner photos because his second promo shots weren't the best. Then after that I put buying other dolls ahead of him because dolls I wanted kept coming up for sale. But now he is mine. <3
[Image: 27731474575_c06049934f_z.jpg]Lipchain by Haley, on Flickr
Meet Leo, he is the final member of Dudes with Long Hair! But he has to get his new wig before he can have a photo with the band because right now he's a dude with short hair.
[Image: 27731571745_97f5238fbf_z.jpg]Lipchain by Haley, on Flickr
Most people call him by his nickname, Lipchain.
[Image: 27697683596_30c59d7c71_z.jpg]Lipchain by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 27731694845_a96fd46f09_z.jpg]Lipchain by Haley, on Flickr
I can't wait to take more photos of him because I'm so in love with him already. I actually took photos of him today until my camera died...I wish I could have taken more, but since it's 108 degrees outside maybe it was for the best!

Thank you for looking! <3
He's adorable! I love his green eyes and worried expression. Can't wait to see what he looks like with a different wig.
Wow, 108. Congratulations on finally getting your new boy smile I want to see adventures of the band!
[Image: 52753689362_648099ee70_o.jpg]
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He's adorable, and I bet he'll be even more adorable when he's got his new wig <3
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with his freckles he looks like he has been in your doll family for a while. he looks like a custom doll. i love those allergy eyes. i dont have a fair toned taeyang so i need to save for him. i feel like there are too many good deals in pullip world. blythe doll is nice and expensive i thought for years and months before i got one and stopped. pullips are popping everywhere with so much diversity.
Congrats! He's such a cutie.
what colour will his long wig be ?
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Koichi is so stinkin cute isn't he? LOVE LOVE LOVE! smile
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Thank you all so so so much! <3

His new wig is going to be a longish blonde fur wig. smile
Oh! I never noticed he was having freckles! He is so cute! :3
Wasn't he designed by some famous a customizer? It could explain the look of being a customized one! LOL

I bet he will look ravishing in his new wig! ^^
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Hmm...ok, your photos have convinced me to put him on my wishlist. Definitelly! There are few photos of Koichi, in Spain there aren't so much people who has him. (I think I wrote it correctly...^///^')

Well, anyway, I'm going to put him on my list and save money xd
Also you should totally take pics with your Noir(s) with him! LOL
Blog ^___^
Yes, Koichi was designed by Sheryl Designs! <3

It's funny that a lot of people in Spain don't have him, it's a secret, since that's where his designer lives. Strange! xD

I definitely plan on photographing him with my Noirs, I've been meaning to do that, actually.

Thank you both! <3
Nice guy! You took really nice photos to him! It's a really handsome taeyang, so nice to meet your new guy!
It's really surprising that not too much people have him, he's really handome ^^
He's so CUTE! *screech* I never knew he had freckles. D': *squishes him* Oh man, I may really need him now. After I..get done with a layaway first of course.. *n*
I'm really looking forward to seeing more photos of him!<3

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