The first Yeolume, PODO!
Thanks to a surprise restock at Pullip Style, I finally got Yeolume Podo at a good price! For just a few dollars above 100$CAN with shipping, no customs, it's leagues above the 300$+ eBay sellers were asking.

So here she is, in her magnificent box. It was shipped with care and arrived pristine! Hear that, Amazon?

[Image: Xnz4UVu.jpg]
[Image: clcey7W.jpg]

Such a beautiful box!



[Image: q8ePRGm.jpg]
[Image: r2kP4bP.jpg]
(Off to the recycling bin you go!)

Podo comes with all the accessories here.

She have a bag with a picture of... a bag on it. Podo, you're so weird.
She also got shoes... with HIGH HEELS. Remember that Podo don't come with a stand. She must be trolling.
Finally, she got her ribbon headband.
(The "card" is just paper so it don't really count.)

[Image: A9ABsAH.jpg]
[Image: ACY7SEc.jpg]

Her stock is adorable. Plaid skirt, nice school blaser, a ribbon, and a bow, all covered with the Yeolume logo. Her shoes tend to fall off when I manipulate her.

[Image: Jwk9udE.jpg]
[Image: RMfNgXe.jpg]

I would have joked about Podo going "commando" because she don't have panties for reasons. Still, it's worth showing because you can see that her joints are very basic. Old Barbie style. She have a waist swivel, but no elbows. Also, her legs are the "bendy noodles" type but bending her "knee" makes her looks weird and unstable.

[Image: X2kP38F.jpg]

Her face-up is basic, but very cute. She got great eyes that don't blink, but can move side-to-side with a lever on the back of her head. A lever that on my copy, the wig almost covered it.

[Image: 3sBaDck.jpg]
[Image: tT1h9T6.jpg]

Her hair is a bit frizzy, but I love her style and her wig have a nice volume.

[Image: xZFJbpU.jpg]

Overall, she is absolutely wonderful and is worth every single cents, despite having to borrow a stand from one of my older doll.

[Image: ngMZlx8.jpg]

A great addition to my collection!

[Image: 39Z21Ti.jpg]

If you want Podo, you should head over to Pullip Style while she's still available at non-scalper prices.
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]
Be careful of that headband. Iirc one of mine kept unwrapping the ribbon wrapped around it.

(If the body breaks, Licca is almost identical.)
(04-02-2022, 10:17 AM)fishy Wrote: Be careful of that headband.  Iirc one of mine kept unwrapping the ribbon wrapped around it.

(If the body breaks, Licca is almost identical.)

I'll keep that in mind.

As for a potential new body, if push comes to shoves, I'd go with a small Obitsu.
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]

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