Oh Great Doggy God ^^ (custom Nina & custom Monmono)
This was taking some time ago but I want to post it.

So Before I went on my trip to Gatlinburg I had a little photo shot around my parents house. Alena was goofing around on the computer.
[Image: IMG_2990.jpg]

as was Psyrin
[Image: IMG_2992.jpg]

little internet moochers is what they are
[Image: IMG_2993.jpg]

so anyways Alena decided to please the local god by making a making an offering
[Image: IMG_2983.jpg]

Oh, what do you know. He actully decided to make an appearance.
[Image: IMG_2985.jpg]

But will he take the offering?
[Image: IMG_2986.jpg]

oh yes and the order of the land is is restored LOL
[Image: IMG_2987.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2973.jpg]

T-T Its been about two months now since his was killed while my mother and I where away at Girl Scout camp. T-T We are still in morning.

However my mom has managed to get herself a puppy to help ease the pain. His name is "Dinky"
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Leaving the hobby soon T-T dolls in need of a good loving home

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