Arrival Story~x2
So two girls came to me one day after the other! I actually was going to do a guess the doll for the second girl because I thought she was arriving next week~! She came today though so anywho xD heres the arrival story!

Akane: Hey so there was a new girl that came yesterday but hannah took you and her straight to the custom table what happened?
Vanille: I got her type 4 and she got an obitsu, anyway lets go talk i didn't get a chance to say hi
[Image: Aliceandshanria1.jpg]

Chantilly: Oh no not new pullips!
Chihiro: Sigh.
[Image: Aliceandshanria2.jpg]

Akane: Hello....I'm Akane and who might you be?
Shan-Ria: I'm Shan-Ria for now, apparently I'm going to be called 'Becky' soon once i get customized
[Image: Aliceandshanria3.jpg]

Vanille: Sorry for taking your body, but type 3's are just terrible!
[Image: Aliceandshanria4.jpg]

Shan Ria: Oh thats okay I like this new one, I have huge melons! LOL.
[Image: Aliceandshanria5.jpg]

Akane: Oh how i wish they'd bring out a pure white obitsu for me.
Shan Ria: But this ones called white?
Akane: Its not exactly 'white' is it.
[Image: Aliceandshanria6.jpg]

Vanille: AHEM anyway theres another doll to be unboxed!
[Image: Aliceandshanria7.jpg]

Akane: Alright, get cracking.
[Image: Aliceandshanria8.jpg]

Shan-Ria: Is it a NRFB? I came in a smaller package!
[Image: Aliceandshanria9.jpg]

Akane: Who is it i cant see from up here!
Shan Ria: its a really old doll!
Vanille: a VERY VERY old doll!
[Image: Aliceandshanria11.jpg]

Alice: Hellohellohello! who are you all calling old you little rosebuds! I'm just a rose thats blooming in full.
[Image: Aliceandshanria12.jpg]

Shan Ria: *gasp*
Akane: She's got a type 2, i've never seen one before.
[Image: Aliceandshanria13.jpg]

Akane: Her face is so shiny
[Image: Aliceandshanria14.jpg]

Alice: May I ask you one question oh anemic colored one.
Akane:..uh sure?
[Image: Aliceandshanria15.jpg]

Alice: *whispers* are you mad
Akane: ....
[Image: Aliceandshanria16.jpg]

Vanille: I think she's just gone mad from old age!
[Image: Aliceandshanria17.jpg]

Alice: This place looks fun....i shall have tea with mr clock rabbit outside soon I hope.
[Image: Aliceandshanria18.jpg]

Shan Ria: Wow..old dolls are weird, at least I wont be bored here.
[Image: Aliceandshanria19.jpg]

Alice: Hello there French Vanilla, care to meet mr clock rabbit?!
[Image: Aliceandshanria20.jpg]

Vanille: Er.....I'm alright thanks
[Image: Aliceandshanria21.jpg]

Akane: keep the new girl away from me!
Shan Ria: Teehee
[Image: Aliceandshanria22.jpg]

[Image: Aliceandshanria23.jpg]

Lilith: Let us take revenge on those horrible pullips.
[Image: Aliceandshanria24.jpg]

Chanti: Yes, lets.
[Image: Aliceandshanria25.jpg]

Chihiro: Now now, on the positive side think of it this way, we're not standing next to pullips or squished anymore, agreed?
[Image: Aliceandshanria26.jpg]

All: Agreed
[Image: Aliceandshanria27.jpg]

Neiryo: Whinging little brats, I've been up here for awhile now.
[Image: Aliceandshanria28.jpg]

hope you enjoyed!
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