My three little girls <3 (Nahh Ato, Carol and custom)
I just joined this lovely forum, and I really wanted to share my three beloved girls with you:

Chiecko (custom by Solarsenshi)

Winter Sun

Winter Sun

Coco (Nahh Ato)

Coco - Bunny

Favorite shot

Noella (Carol)



Hope you like them! I recently cleaned out in my dolls and decided just to keep these three girls. I put 8 Pullips up for sale, I had way too many, and it feels incredible to be able to focus so much on my favorite girls <3 Now they need new outfits, and Coco needs a new faceup. Can't wait!
~BJDs~ Cyan - Unoa Lusis, Shiloh -Elfdoll Dami
~Pullips~ Coco - Nahh Ato, Noella - Carol, Chiecko - custom, SOON: Ellie - Akemi <3

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My three little girls <3 (Nahh Ato, Carol and custom) - by Alanaia - 09-11-2013, 02:20 AM

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