Merry Christmas from Alliecat's crew! (Pic heavy)
The gang here has been busy getting ready for Christmas.

[Image: 15907532359_f8d6cb0658_o.jpg]
The J's unpacked some ornaments...

[Image: 15907531919_3d10e82828_o.jpg]
Sunny spotted this one right away.

[Image: 15906189128_64c6cba4f4_o.jpg]
Aislinn liked the sand dollar.

[Image: 15906340630_0a27c9c96b_o.jpg]
Charonne's feeling musical.

[Image: 15906189898_9d7bd002b4_o.jpg]
Natalie hung up her favourite.

[Image: 16093621165_b9d79afba0_o.jpg]
And Robyn liked the angel.

[Image: 15907541979_8eced6d762_o.jpg]
Daesani lit things up...

[Image: 15906188278_58083e2c60_o.jpg]
Petra helped.

[Image: 15906293958_c9453b2400_o.jpg]
Dae went to the library to do a little research...

[Image: 15897395668_d41be69c64_o.jpg]
...and a little practice.

[Image: 15474042293_dc6edc4da3_o.jpg]
Last girl in, has the least wardrobe, so Sunny got a new dress for Christmas.

[Image: 16092904772_4e2f5eb0f5_o.jpg]
Daesani & Petra got new duds too. (After some wardrobe-shuffling to decide who got what.)

[Image: 15906445040_1c9452cb4b_o.jpg]
From samurai to rockstar.

[Image: 15906339800_78bb6390f0_o.jpg]
Petra made a friend.

[Image: 15907872397_5dd5d58f60_o.jpg]
Meanwhile, the minis made cookies...

[Image: 16091696241_ee9de79bb9_o.jpg]
...and decorated a 'me-size' tree.

[Image: 16093621505_ca27461467_o.jpg]
Not sure if they're still wrapping or getting ready to tear them open, but they do look ready to spread some cheer.

Thanks for looking, and for my fun first almost-year here. Merry Christmas from all the girls at PrettyTiny Film Company and modelling agency. May all your dolly dreams come true! grin
[Image: 52753689362_648099ee70_o.jpg]
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