Price Check for Ally & Blackberry & Marilyn
I only collected Pullips for a short time but I think I am going to get out of them.

I have the 10th Anniversary Ally doll. Loose, just displayed but with box & stand.
So what should I start her price at? I don't see her on ebay very often. I plan to put her on ebay as a BIN.

Second doll is Yeolume Blackberry. She is also loose, just displayed with box. Only flaw is a brown spot on her arm which was there when I opened her. Also comes with a Dal stand.

Third doll is mini Pullip Marilyn Sea Police. Loose, just displayed, without box, has stand.

Any ideas on price would be great smile

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Price Check for Ally & Blackberry & Marilyn - by apanda0622 - 11-06-2015, 06:37 AM

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