Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020)
Day 1

[Image: 4def23e89e1b01a97915b8fdc84a6849.jpg]
“What are you doing?”
“Having a hangover...?”

[Image: dce97c0746096ebcbf88635cc1e8d516.jpg]
"Well then, get your lovely selves a keg of bloody mary and OFF WITH YOUR HANGOVER, I need you to get started with this year's challenge NOW!”
“We beg Your Majesty's pardon? We just finished a second one in a row!”

[Image: 6f5b2957b4287da4f78adbb05ca56f2d.jpg]
“And you're going to finish a third one in a row. This is a leap year, people! Completing this on a leap year is special! Look, I already have a poster!”

[Image: dbf884d9cffeb65ecb0b5d44e9a4e64a.jpg]
“And there's blood on it... Again…”

[Image: 026710e0600cd2f4b13899a6380e6717.jpg]
“ ...What blood.”
“Any other questions?”

[Image: 689284d3ed9f591c56cbe91bf545fa44.jpg]
“Wise choice. NOW GET TO WORK!”

[Image: c53d2ca1a5587108c2a00ecf47734689.jpg]

Welcome to ADAD 2020!

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