Werepuppy's A Doll A Day Challenge 2020
Thanks for the UK update. Sounds... confused and disheartening.

My anxiety is through the roof right now... as my recent posts may have hinted at.   Sweatdrop

There is zero concern by authorities and the media here about mental health. The media wants us to be tuned in round the clock. The authorities, all of whom are wealthy and will basically be untouched by all the restrictions, are coming up with increasingly strict approaches to forced quarantines and business shut-downs. Today they are focusing their attacks on young people, telling them that "the latest data indicates that the young are the most at-risk group."
sly  This is because university-age people have been ignoring warnings and heading to the beaches for spring break in open defiance of the authorities. So now the authorities are employing fear tactics. What this has done, though, is tip their hand. They are making stuff up at this point that is not even true in order to exert power.

What I don't understand is why?  If it were one country, I could understand that it might be the Power Elite trying to consolidate even more power and wealth. But this is global. It's happening everywhere, to all of us. Is there truly a Global Cabal behind this, looking to crush and enslave the entire planet?

And with that, I shall henceforth attempt to keep my posts, and my comments, more upbeat. Sure, I'll joke about this nonsense, but there's certainly no point to increasing your or my own anxiety. We shall laugh together as society crumbles about us.

And take dolly pictures. Which we shall continue to post until the Internet Service Providers shut down.

You Lily appears to be a figure of calm and reason amid all the absurdity. Perhaps I, at least, could try to learn from her example.
They're not dolls, they're action figures!

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