Werepuppy's A Doll A Day Challenge 2020
The Kamikaze Girls Momoko is cute as can be!

2004 for the movie... so, like, a long time ago now. Almost twenty years.

Wasn't the fashion trend initially called EGL: Elegant Gothic Lolita? I'm going by memory here, rather than looking it up. Then it started being called Loli-goth for short. Or are/were EGL and Loli-goth different than straight Lolita fashion? It seems like ages and ages ago... back in the Pinky Street forum days... that I actually knew a little bit about this stuff.

I wonder what the youth street fashion trends are in Japan these days? Japan is known for rabidly adopting trends and fads with lightning-like speed, then just as quickly abandoning them. Since EGL/Loli-goth/Lolita was on-trend almost twenty years ago, I suppose the teens and twenty-somethings could be re-adopting it in a nostalgic or hipster-ironic version. NEGL: Neo Elegant Gothic Lolita?

Whatever. I'm just rambling.
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