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Quarantine20 Scavenger Hunt!!! ...The winners...!!! :D
Yesterday was our weekly family lunch, so I ransacked my parents' place and found some interesting treasures.

#4 radio

Dad remembered he might have his first radio he got as a kid somewhere, and found it for me, it's from 60s.

[Image: 5f33f6412ba87ac745463cc35b653750.jpg]

[Image: 8c3875be42c9d2ffaaa6b7faabe153e5.jpg]

Now onto the next batch!

#5 button

The one thing I didn't find was a pin-on button. But I have sew-on buttons, and I have safety pins. Mix 1 part button to 1 part pin, shake well, and ta-dah, instant pin-on button!

[Image: e267a3ab13408aa57ab801f59539f1b1.jpg]

#6 bottle

I found something better than milk bottle with weird language on label!

[Image: 41d5dbe2a0236bc79af2c337d1dbd52c.jpg]

Forest glass! These are modern replicas of historical glassware. Forest glass is a type of potash glass from medieval times, it was made mostly in central and northern Europe. It is typical for its greenish or blueish tint (the blue glass is a bit less common) and lots of small bubbles, and it's called forest glass because production of potash glass uses up tons of wood, so glass manufactures were traditionally built in forests, close to source of material. Czech forest glass-making peaked between the 14th and 15th century, although first manufactures appeared around 1000 AD and they lasted to the 18th century. Another characteristic of forest glass are decorations - let me warn you, this bit is more than a bit disgusting - glasses had to be decorated, because cutlery wasn't much of a thing back then, and smooth glasses were too slippery for greasy hands of medieval diners. Eww. But the glass is beautiful.

#7 a cancelled stamp

I found some quite precious ones!

[Image: 1a8ecebf8915a328223e7d1be2b084bc.jpg]

[Image: 01108a50cebb153bb582103531bbf76a.jpg]

The first two are from 1918, and they're the very first postal stamps we had as a sovereign state. Before that, we were part of Austria-Hungary, and didn't have our own stamps or currency. The prices on these stamps are stated in Haléř (Hellers), because when they were being made, it wasn't clear what will be the name of the main new currency. So it was 200 Hellers instead of two Crowns. These stamps were designed by the famous Alfons Mucha. They depict Hradčany - with the typical silhouette of St Vitus Cathedral.

I don't know what year exactly is the third one from, but they were in print between 1939-1945, and they weren't stamps of Czechoslovakia, but Protektorat Böhmen und Mähren. There are linden leaves on them - linded is our national tree.

Have a closer look:

[Image: df14b946ae294314ef9f3079833a3533.jpg]

#8 someone blue

I had quite a few of these at home smile

[Image: 1eeb216db7621090d874232b26c73aa8.jpg]

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