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Quarantine20 Scavenger Hunt!!! ...The winners...!!! :D
Ooooh, great minds think alike dargosmydaddy! I had the very same idea for the umbrella challenge (but since you got there first, I came up with another one - I just need to edit it) and a very similar one for the stamp challenge (already taken last weekend, but I didn't share it yet because I wanted to keep the order of the prompts. OCD Tongue )
I love your rainbow photo, so colorful and happy ^^

Ooooh, I feel the new prompts are trying to hint at things for me: the freshly-baked one at that I should finally go and bake something (I've been meaning to for some time already, but quarantine life and my appetite/general interest in food really don't like each other sad ), and the spring one at that I should finally take TangKou Fen Fen (Fairy)'s head apart and fix her eyes. Something is not OK with the mechanism or the springs, and so they don't change when I push the button...).
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