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Quarantine20 Scavenger Hunt!!! ...The winners...!!! :D
Sorry to double post, just finished editing! Still can't find my doll sized radio sad

7. A used stamp
[Image: 49799854873_d8b48c539b.jpg]

This one is of a total eclipse, which is something super relevant to Ledo but its a big ol secret to everyone else LOL can't spoil my own plot! 

8. A blue doll/ figure/ toy
[Image: 49799854928_a8851702c7.jpg]

Really wanted to do a spooky picture with this cute little voodoo doll lmao

9. A calendar
[Image: 49800709672_34ee40b9d2.jpg]

I've kept this calendar since 2018 for obvious reasons (I also recently discovered it has pullip stickers in the back!!!), figured I'd put it to use! 

10. A hammer or screwdriver
[Image: 49800709712_eedaee68b2.jpg]

I took a pretty similar photo for dolltober, but the lab scene is one of my faves. It was really hard to just get Ringo's arm in the shot, but I somehow managed LOL

11. A red pen
[Image: 49799855188_b3c946e184.jpg]

It took some searching, but I remembered I had a red pen my 10th grade English teacher gave me (she used to make us color code our notes. Didn't last long though lol) like 5 years ago. I can't believe it still works.

12. A rainbow
[Image: 49799854893_7f39496864.jpg]

I had another photo planned, but it didn't really work out, so this was plan B! My succubi family has rainbow eyes, hopefully its rainbow-y enough!

13. A map
[Image: 49800709947_a28cf5ae71.jpg]

I have a star map in the dollhouse and got super excited when I saw the map theme. Here's Comet showing everyone her (and her sister's) constellation! Consider Comet your tour guide to the star's homes LOL
Looking for: Dal Lucia, Sentimental Noon, Taeyang Richt


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