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Quarantine20 Scavenger Hunt!!! ...The winners...!!! :D
Great batch, s1dthesqu1d! Your dolls always seem to be so full of personality in your photos!

Alliecat, yes, I drew that map, thank you very much!!! I actually have several maps of that other world, it's the best world ever, including Oddwickshire!

#15 - something freshly baked

These are Mokke from Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun. They are adorable little candy-loving monsters, you can read about them here. I made them out of Fimo, a European brand of polymer clay that is finished by baking in oven. I took the photos right after baking them, so they really are freshly baked! They turned too pink though, their original color is supposed to be lighter. I would be so happy if Azone made dolls of the characters from the manga / anime. Good Smile Company announced a Hanako-kun Nendoroid, though, so I'll be getting my first Nendo as soon as he comes out.

[Image: d8ff49623519ebd0043802ded6f6b08b.jpg]

You can see a lot of those vintage radios throughout the series. When I was talking to my dad about his old radio and how it's a great scale for dolls, he decided to make my dolls some stylish vintage radios of their own, I'll be definitely taking more pics soon! They're perfect for the Mokke, too. I picked Twyla to pose with them, because I think that in a crossover between Monster High and Hanako-kun, she'd make good friends with them.

Here they are in the oven:

[Image: 84080670284be1c89584b2be37cacb92.jpg]

And that just leaves the final shot and I'll be done. I'll take it tomorrow, I'm too tired today.

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