Photo, Signature and Avatar Rules/Guidelines
(12-09-2018, 12:32 AM)Cressidra Wrote: It just says that the size is incorrect if I upload a picture, and to use a valid link if I use an image hoster. But I am sure that the image/file size is correct (i was using it before and it used to work) and that the link works as well. Rb_x

Edit: I have also tried to use a different browser than Chrome, still can't do it

This happened when I tried to "fix" my existing avatar image after the site stopped working properly a few weeks ago. The site technician fixed the avatar issues for currently linked or uploaded avatars, but it sounds like there may still be issues if we try to change avatars or signatures.

Try posting your question to the Anyone Else Notice... topic, or send a direct message to site technician Christopher Fritz.
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