Jaycee - Feedback
+1 for purchasing Dal Tina from me! Great buyer & excellent communication! smile
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+1 as a buyer for my Dal Tina! Very nice buyer, quick payment, & excellent communication!
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+1 as a seller. I bought a Dal Sooni from her. Communication was quick and thorough and shipping was as quick as could be expected in the middle of a winter snowstorm. The Dal arrived slightly damaged, and while I was able to fix it and couldn't be happier with my doll now, Jaycee was helpful and immediately let me know that she would work with me if the problem couldn't be fixed. I appreciate that maturity and I would definitely buy from her again!

Edit: Here's a pic of my Sooni. Thank you for her!
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+1 Seller

Great communication and shipping.
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+ 1 seller
Stock arrived very quickly.
Thank you!
+1 as a buyer for a Crobi wig! Excellent communication & fast payment! Thanks!
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+1 as a seller!

It took a little bit to ship due to the Easter holiday, but Sakura came in perfect condition and well packaged. Communication was always pleasant, too! yay
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+1 for a great sale

sold me a bait volks and it came in handy for Chill ^^
+1 received the red/orange wig and love it. thanks so much!
+ 1 as a seller. I got Principessa from her. She is in perfect condition, came well packaged and with some free clothes (thank you so much!) The delivery was rather quick considering the two weeks strike of the canadian post office smile and the communication was always fast and she is extremely caring and considered. Thank you so much for this perfect girl ♥♥♥
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+ 1 as a seller!

I'm always super weary about buying expensive items from people not in the states because of more expensive post and longer shipping times. I paid of her Paja in June 9th and didn't receive her until a July 18th because of the Canadian Post Strike, which was hard on us both. I didn't know the strike had been going on so I was worried beyond worried (because I am such a worrier), but JayCee was very nice to me and made me feel a lot of confident about receiving my Paja safely. She also partially refunded me when I wasn't completely satisfied with Paja's face when she came to me. I am very happy with Paja now, so thank you very much JayCee! <3
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+1 as a seller.

I purchased a wig and it is absolutely gorgeous, in perfect condition. It took me awhile to receive it because of the Canada Post strike, but that really wasn't Jennifer's fault. I'm happy with the transaction and the wig. smile
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+1 as a fantastic seller.
Everything was perfect. Thank you so much!!
+1 as seller. I bought a Paja's card from her. She's nice. Thank you smile
+1 as a seller.

I bought the gorgeous Fanatica and she arrived looking just as pretty as I expected smile She was packaged well and communication was great throughout the transaction/layaway!


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