Kanamai's Feedback
DM Feedback
Positive- 85

Ebay Feedback
Positive- 107
Negative- 1
(1 Negative due to me giving the seller a negative as I was sold bootleg Pinky St figures, this was back in January 2007)

Etsy Feedback
Positive- 32
(1 Negative due to the post office not delivering a package on time)
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+1 for being nice about my chibi order!
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great communication and really cute bratz pants


+1 as a seller
+1 thank you for the shoes! Great seller!
+1 as a buyer! Great comms, fast payment, all the good stuff!
+1 positive, received my items. thank you!
#1 seller, thanks so much! And such a nice person, too.
+1 as a seller from me I got all my items that you!
current family~
<3 mini moon, mercu, lrrh, arietta, mini swan, bnp, souseiseki, celsiy, dita, bouquet, froggy, sebastian, grell & xiao fan<3

Feedback FLICKr

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+1 as a seller! Thank you! :3
My feedback is here!

I wish for...
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+1 for a group order gone well!
Thanks for setting it up! I love my new eyechips. =]
+1 positive seller. She answered my questions, had good communication, and agreed to ship the small item in a regular envelope to save on shipping. Thanks so much!
+1 RECOMMENDED buyer. Fast payment and easy communication, hope to do more transactions with her smile I hope you enjoy your Dal.
+1 great items and communication
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Leaving the hobby soon T-T dolls in need of a good loving home
+1 as a seller

Raphia set arrived in UK just fine, thank you
Need type 4 hand for pullip Lala - or closest colour match
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