Crazykimochi's Feedback
+1 as a seller

Very good and friendly communication, very fast shipping, thank you!
+1 positive! got the wig today and love it, thanks so much!
+1 Such an amazing seller!!!

Super fast shipping and perfect communication, Tina you're fantastic <3
Thank you so much <3 <3 <3

(I love the wig I bought from you)
+1 for quick shipping and notification on clothes in really great condition, thanks!
+ 1 as a seller! thank you so much, Tina! :rolleyes:
Shoes came in today. Thankies. Me and Alice (Another Alice) sends our thanks.

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+1 as a seller.
Communicative, shipping was quick and items were sent in solid box.
Thank you!
My doll clothes arrived today. Thank you!
Great communication and fast shipping!
+1 one for a cute Pullip hat and Prunella's human size bag. She's wonderful to work with and I would gladly work with her again. Awesome seller.

+1 again for selling me a stock wig. Thanks so much.
+1 as a buyer! Speedy payment, great communication, and a super-nice person to boot! Thanks, Tina! <3
+1 as a seller. Thankyou for the domuya wig. My customised stica pounced on it the minute it came. And it came promptly and well packaged, with some stickers as well so yay yay :pbjtime:
i have animal magnetism. Squirrels stick to my clothes
+1 as seller! I received the cool cat chips, earrings and dress super quick! Thanks so much!!
+1 as a seller! thanks for the hoodie. :kissy:
+ 1 from me

grin Tina is a wonderful seller! Thanks again!!
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+1. Great seller. Quick resopnse. I'd do buisness with her againXD
Thanks Tina


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