Feedback For Yuhime; 100% Positive: 215+ FB
+1 for being uber awesome!! Yuhime commissioned me to do a face up and a tattoo for her and she was sweet as can be and very patient with me the entire time. Thank you so much :kissy:
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+1 as a buyer for Yuuki!!!

She's so sweet and understanding!!! I could ask for anything more!!! Thanks again! <3
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+1 as a buyer, thanks so much!
Positive!!!!! She is a great buyer and always sends out payment quick! <3
+1 for yuhime! Lovely to deal with, paid quickly--great buyer!!
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+1 as a seller! Cards arrived safe and sound today, thanks!

+1 as a buyer!

I sold Chicca to Yuhime, and she was incredibly sweet, and wonderful buyer. I had some problems with my PayPal accepting money, and she was incredibly patient and fantastic throughout, and I know she'll love Chicca lots!!

Thanks again for everything, you're a complete star ^^.
+1 as a seller! Souseiseki's card arrived safely today. Thanks! <3
+1 from me for Yuhime as a seller! Thanks!

+1 as a buyer

A flawless transaction - thanks so much

myookat. Get yours at
Amazing seller, nice contact and fast shipping :pbjtime:
+1 as a buyer. Thanks!
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+1 as a buyer
So friendly and with fast payment!

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+1 Wonderful buyer. Thank you so much!

+1 positive from me. Thanks a mill
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