Marryth's Feedback!
okay so here goes!!! All these FB were on separate occasions
+1 as a seller for BNP's capris

+1 as a seller for POKEMON Sapphire

+1 as a trader

I love the items!!! The game came in this really cool case, which i enjoyed! Overall Marryth gets 5 Stars from me!!!
current family~
<3 mini moon, mercu, lrrh, arietta, mini swan, bnp, souseiseki, celsiy, dita, bouquet, froggy, sebastian, grell & xiao fan<3

Feedback FLICKr

[Image: PA050080-1.jpg]
This is not dolly related but I bought fabric from her off of LJ. Quick shipping, cute fabric!

It's always a pleasure doing business with Marryth :]
Communication is great and she's such a dear!
+1 as a buyer

A flawless transaction - thanks so much

myookat. Get yours at
+1 As a seller! You're so nice, and nice packaging as well! Thanks for the extras!

+1 Great buyer =) Thanks again!
+1 as a buyer.

very friendly and paid right away. highly recommended. thank you so much!

+1 as a Seller.

I am absolutely in love with the OrientDoll she's sold me. She shipped right after I've finished paying for her, and she arrived so safely and securely in the loveliest boxes (: (a box inside of a box inside of a box...:3)

Thank you very much~~~<3
+1 Possitive Feedback!!!
Great seller... awesome communication ... shipping to USA takes a really long time but she will do what ever she can to find out about it.. Just wonderful!! Thanks so much...You were amazing to work with.
Marryth gets two ++ from me as a buyer. Thanks!
My feedback:

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+1 huge positive feedback for Marryth :pbjtime: I split prunella with her and everything went brilliant. :pbjtime: :pbjtime: :pbjtime:
+1 as a seller.

She's been so friendly and kind. It's been great buying to her ^___^
+1 as an AWESOME buyer! Hope your girl enjoy's the clothes! <3
+1 as a seller

absolutely wonderul seller! very friendly and was great with communications. sold me a super adorable bunny outfit and even refund the difference for shipping.

lots and lots and lots of hearts for Marryth!

<3 <3 <3 <3
+1 as a seller

I purchased Paja's dino for her and the transaction was excellent. Thank you very much!!


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