Feedback For Ver2
+1 for beeing an excellent & super friendly seller yay I bought a lovely chinese dress for my Pullip Xiao-Fan, everything was perfect! Thank you so much!!!!!!
+1 from me!

Ver2 is a wonderful seller, everything went very smoothly with our transaction, and Squall arrived safe and sound to me. Thank you again for a great experience. yay
+1 from me also!

Great communication, fast shipper. I bought 4 pullip/taeyang wigs from Ver2 and they were exactly as she described. They arrived well packed in a box and in plastic bags. I will certainly buy from her again. Thank you!
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+1 as seller. I bought Blanche´s stock, and everything´s perfect. Very good communication. Thanks for all!!!
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+1 GREAT seller! Super understanding and a pure delight to do buisness with! I would love to work with again!
She is an excellent seller! She sold Prunella to me, in great condition and quick shipping.
She is a wonderful communicator as well, and a really nice person! I would purchase anything from her again!!
+1 Seller, thanks so much!
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+1 as a buyer

Friendly, great communication, patient and fast payment!
+1 seller!!!

I purchased a Naomi from ver2 and everything was just perfect, she shipped save and fast, the communication was great, I couldn't be happier with everything!!!

Thank you so much!!! Heart 2
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+1 Buyer
Excellent transaction, great communication, thank you!~
+1 as a seller, bought a dress and it came fast and good communication =D
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+1 seller

I bought from her lovely dresses, they came safely .. It was also a great communiation !
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+1 as a seller.

I purchased 2 NRFB dolls and they arrived very quickly and packaged ridiculously well XD Would definately recommend~ Great/lovely seller smile


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+1 for buyer. Ver2 bought Yuki from me, she was great to work with, paid promptly, and reminded me when I was being forgetful -_-;; Thanks so much, enjoy ur new girl!!

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+1 as a seller! She agreed on a payment plan so that I could buy Eos from her, and was friendly and easy to talk to throughout the whole process. Absolutely wonderful to deal with. smile
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