Feedback For Orphansparrow
+1 As a Seller
Really great, friendly communication. Very obliging with photos LOL I love my darling little Maguna! Thank you very much Heart
+1 for a nice buyer. Great communication and friendly. Thank you very much!^^
+1 lovely buyer, thank you so much! grin
+1 as an awesome splitter. Very friendly to deal with it. Thanks, much! Happy
+1 as a seller

Lovely communication, very fast shipping, and the item arrived well packed and in excellent condition. Thank you so much!! ^^
+1 as a seller, very good transaction grin
wonderful contact, quick shipping... I'm very pleased ^ ^
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+1 awesome seller
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1+ It was wonderful working with you! I got my shoes super fast and they were perfect!
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+1 as a seller! yay (Sorry for the super-late feedback!) Sweatdrop
You were very kind; the wig looks great on her doll; the Captain Hook stock bits are great (Love the hat!); quick shipping; Happy thank you so very much! yay
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