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Dollhouses - Show them off here
Wow BaniaFeb6 your doll house is amazing!
That thing must be huge by looking at your pullips O__O
(04-16-2010, 02:48 PM)BaniaFeb6 Wrote: my new just-finished no-decorated-yet dollhouse "open mode"
[Image: 4525127270_b8aa7f2529.jpg]

and "closed mode"
[Image: 4524479145_a587ce0dfc.jpg]

for more pics go to my flickr <<<<<<< the link always was here >.<

My gosh! This is impressive! It must have had been a lot of time and work for you to build this whole dollhouse! Is it made of wood or cardboard paper?

Are you going to furnish it next? I can't wait to see it being furnished and your pullips moving in to it!
yeah, two full weeks! the walls and floors are made of mdf
Quote:Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is an engineered wood product formed by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibres, often in a defibrator, combining it with wax and a resin binder, and forming panels by applying high temperature and pressure.[1] MDF is more dense than plywood.
you can see some wood in the corners and the roof is corrrugated fiberboard

and the furnishing will come slowly, I am new into dolls so they dont have any yet. my plan is to make most of it, but I have to work too.. if I want to buy some materials Tongue
If you can smell what Coty is cooking

>>> feedback <<<
i see the Soul Eater sun - sry but i love the series yay
OMG, I am soooooooo jealous, it looks incredible well done.

Was it your own design? I love the way it opens up, not like a traditional dolls house, I cant wait to see how you decorate it-Good luck yay
Bania, that dolls house is gorgeous! How long did it take to make? I bet your girls have their rooms picked out already Tongue
@Suujji -yes, my design. I applied what I learned about house construction at school

@fiwen30 -like I said, 2 weeks -_o and indeed! Z&Z picked the largest bedroom, while Alita loved the smallest room in the attic
If you can smell what Coty is cooking

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Bania, I am super jealous! The staircase is a fabulous touch, and it's one of the few houses I've seen that doesn't sacrifice head room. Every time I make plans I keep scaling it down further and further until I realize they won't fit, trying to get all the rooms I want and not have it be enormous...
OMG Bania that is amazing. I wish I had room for that
wow so cool
[Image: dollbbc.php?sex=girl&back=0000&]
WANT: Bouquet!!!
That is like my dream house! *0* *stalks flickr*
BaniaFeb6 your doll house is amazing! It's going to be so wonderful when it's finished! Your girls (and guys?) are very lucky!
big thanks to all of you for your comments

yeah, my 3 girls and guys (none yet, but i'm planning to get a tae and 2 dals, with a 21cm male obitsu for 1 of them -for a total of 4 girls and 2 boys)

edit: just some update
If you can smell what Coty is cooking

>>> feedback <<<
All of you are so very talented!
Bania - I love your choice in wallpaper! So cute.
Wow! I don't even own a doll yet....but I can see myself starting a room in preperation after looking at this thread! I love dolls houses <3


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