Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Feedback for redstars
+1 for redstars please as an excellent buyer of my NRFB Cinnamoroll dal. Payment is prompt and we had great communications. A friendly and understanding buyer that I'd recommend to anyone! :-)
+1 as a buyer. Redstars is a pleasure to do business with. I've had two transactions with her and both times they were smooth sailing. This time she bought a Kaela from me and she made quick payment for her. Communication was super sweet and friendly, I highly recommend redstars to anyone, anytime. =D Thank you Redstars. =D

+1 as a buyer. Thanks so much for purchasing cards! Wonderful to deal with. :3
+ Current Feedback ~ click!
+1 positive as a buyer!

Great to deal with, good communication etc smile
+1 as a buyer!

A very nice buyer and super communicative! I sold a Greggia to redstars and all went well. Thank you so much!

Transaction/item: Bought a complete Isul - Midnight Deja Vu from me
Date: Dec 2012~Jan 2013
My Location: Japan (when the package was shipped)

Comment: + 1 as buyer. Great communication and very prompt payment. Really recommended buyer~Heart grin
1+ as a buyer!
My feedback:

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+1 as buyer

I sold a wig and transaction was perfect. Wonderful buyer!
+1 as a buyer

Another wonderful transaction, awesome to deal with and pays fast!
Thanks again!
+1 as a buyer

redstars participated in a For My Doll Group Order run by me. Communication was excellent, super friendly and payment was incredibly fast. Thanks so much for participating.
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+1 as a buyer please! yay

It's been the second time redstars adopted dollies from me (this time, a NRFB DRTA and a nude, just deboxed Puki dal). Communication has always been excellent. Payments are always made on time. A 100% pleasure to deal with and I'd definitely recommend her to anyone in any dolly transactions!!!

Great buyer! Easy to work with and quick payment. Thank you!
A huge +1 as a buyer.
Very friendly and good communication smile
+1 for a wonderful trade! Was super sweet to work with and kept in contact! Lovely partner, thank you so much!
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+1 as a buyer

redstars purchased Yeolume from me, and was very sweet as she's always been. She let me know when she arrived. Perfect transaction,thank you so much. Can't wait to do business with you again! >3<

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