How much would an NRFB Barasuishou Pullip go for, complete and in mint condition? I'm craving her and if her price doesn't raise too much I'll have her soon (chores. allowance is the only reason I like them. <img src=" /> ). I get quite a bit of money a month just by taking out two litterboxes. You see, our cat peed on my parent's bed AGAIN, so we had her stay in the mudroom for a while as punishment. Of course, there was a litterbox already in there so I now have TWO litterboxes to clean. Her punishment is over, so she uses both boxes (she likes it in the mudroom. it's quiet.). Oh well. 20 bucks a month isn't bad. If I were to save up myself by cleaning the boxes, If I'm correct, I'd have her in about 4 or 5 months. Please show me the average price for her so I can know exactly how long and how much I need to save up to buy her! :sp 2:

Oh good lord these emotes are so adorable. :sp 6:
Bara is so beautiful, you won't be disappointed with her! I got mine NRFB on ebay from the seller anime_kinginc for $88 + $14 shipping and that is still the cheapest seller for Bara on ebay. She is $110 on Pullip Style (not including shipping) and $148 on The Valley of the Dolls (without shipping)
Anime King is also selling her through Amazon for $79.95 so that is even cheaper (I probably would have bought from there if I had known about it) so that is probably the cheapest you can get her NRFB unless you get lucky and someone sells one on here for a nice price.

Be aware though that Barasuishou comes with broken wrists/arms A LOT of the time. Both of the arms on mine were broken. So you might need to save up for an obitsu body too or you can get a cheap type 3 body from a seller on here. I think her arms break when they put the top on her because the sleeves are really tight and difficult to put on. Anime King doesn't take returns for broken arms and most other places won't either. I hear Valley of the Dolls will work with you if your doll is damaged but I've only ordered from there once and my doll was fine. Valley charges so much for Bara though that it would be cheaper to buy her somewhere else and buy a new body (but you will have to take her head apart to put the new body on)
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I got my Bara on, from the seller Yaisha mentioned. $79.95 + $12 shipping. It was a really good deal (I turned all of my spare change into a Amazon gift certificate and used that to buy her), and she came super fast. grin
And, just as Yaisha said, be prepared to buy her a new body of some sort because those wrists will snap the second you look at them -- either an pale obitsu or a 'new' type 3 from someone on the forum. :3
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Alright, thanks, I think I'll go for Amazon. Bye! smile
Wondering what Barasuishou is worth these days? smile Anyone know?
I would put her at around $100, like Suiseiseki and Souseiseki.
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