My Melody
One sold for $90 shipped nrfb just recently.
due to having to downsize my collection need an update for > My Melody.
On original body, wig never removed, eye chips intact. Boxed with stand - nude
Need type 4 hand for pullip Lala - or closest colour match
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Ordered >
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I am considering selling some of my Dals/Pullips etc.

I have a My Melody with stock eyes and faceup, on a medium soft bust obitsu (not the one that comes apart at the waist). She would come with 2 fur wigs as well as a bunch of clothing but none of her stock items.

How much should I ask for her though? Her face has a few marks on it but nothing major and her obitsu is pretty much brand new.
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Debating selling a MM, nude, bald and Obitsu'd on an SHB-L. Price range?
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