How much would a Vivien, complete with stock cost?
And how much is the white coat worth?
Do you have a Vivien or do you want to buy one?
I think her white coat would sell for 15 Dollar but only if there isn't much red staining on because of her red stock dress.
An NRFB or MIB Vivien would probably be around the $250-300 ballpark. An OOB Viv with complete stock would probably be $200 or so (these are trends I've observed, anyway).

I'd also say $15 for the white coat, however, one without any red staining could easily go for more. Hope that helps!
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Thanks! I just got one, making a price check ^^ I got mine at $180..
Bump! I'm interested in purchasing a Vivien and the only one I can find is on eBay for nearly 400$! I know that's a ridiculous price, so if anyone has purchased one recently, could you share what amount you had paid for her?

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