LittleSu's Feedback
+1 for being an awesome and sooooo lovely seller! Everything perfect, sooo nice communication and really fast shipping! My LTF Ante arrived safe and I am soooo happy! THANK YOU SO MUCH <3
+1 - super buyer, prompt payment and very friendly! Thanks so much! <3 <3
+1 as a buyer smile
Fast payment and I was informed when my item was received.
Thanks a lot !
+1 Littlesu bought her Tezca back from me and she was awesome as always! Tell her I'll miss her! <3
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+1 for being a fantastic seller! I bought a Bonita from LittleSu. She was packaged very well and arrived safely! smile Communication was great, and LittleSu is a very friendly seller, and even included some extras! I'd recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much!

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