Thylaylii's Feedback
+1 positive for split/exchange!

I always love working with Thylaylii! I recently helped her acquire an Eos and her payment was prompt!
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1+ positive from me. Nice buyer, paid quickly, let me know when the package arrived.
Lovely seller. +1

Prompt communication, and postage.
Accurate description too.

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+1 as a buyer

She bought a wig from me and the transaction was overall great. smile Thanks!
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+1 as a buyer! Thanks so much!!
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as a buyer. Thylaylii bought some doll jewellery from me! she paid nice & quick, & she let me know they got there safely - thanks smile

+1 for being a perfect buyer. smile

Thylaylii purchased a wig from me. She pays quickly & informed me when she received it safely. Thanks for the smooth transaction--I really appreciate it.
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