Feedback for Eis4Emmi
+1 as a wonderful Seller. Bought an obitsu from her, exactly as described, packaged safely and received with lightning speed. Thanks again!!
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Emmi commissioned me to make her a t-shirt for her Pullip. She sent the payment right away and always responds very quickly to communication. thank you sweetie!

+1 buyer~

Great communication and friendly to deal with! Thank you~! <33
+1 for Nina stock. Was very patient with me while I hemmed and hawed over whether I really wanted to buy it or not hehe. Was also very easy to work with when negotiating final price. Eis4Emmi was also diligent about describing condition of item accurately and took care to mention slight damage to one of the items and also accommodating of my request to have more photos taken. Only little "neutral" part of the transaction (which doesn't deserve bringing down overall rating from positive) is that the listing said Nina's phone, though not pictured in the sales thread, would be included, but however it was missing from the items received. Hope we can still find it! And since it's not worth shipping on its own if you ever have any other items for sale that I'd like we could ship it with those XD
+1 seller~

Bought a lot of manga for an INSANELY awesome price, and it got here quickly! Thanks so much! <33
+1 as seller!
Bought a wig from her and it arrived very quickly and is beautiful! Thanks again smile
+1 as a seller!

I bought Neo Noir's body from Eis4Emmi. It was just as described and shipped fast!
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Wanted: Black Angelic Pretty outfit and Harley Quinn's stock FULL WANT LIST
+1 as a seller

I purchased Nina and she was sent out quickly and safely yay Great communication and lovely to deal with <3

Thanks again LOL

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+1 as a seller! Great communication and quick shipping. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from Eis4Emmi in the future. Thanks again! Happy
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+1 I bought a lot of doll clothes. Very nice to deal with and great communication...
+1 as a seller! I bought Neo Noir and everything went perfectly! Communication was friendly and consistent throughout, she was shipped promptly, and arrived safely and exactly as described. Highly recommended! Thanks again. smile

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