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Guidelines for Posting
These are just a few Guidelines:

*Face-Up Modification

Not Allowed
*Full Customizations except in the single thread dedicated to Custom Dolls.
*Text Only Posts

Pretty Simple. As long as your doll is recognizable, it is allowed in this section. If you've Customised the doll beyond recognition, Please do not post it under the name of the doll it used to be. If you're doll is no longer recognizable, post it in the thread in each section dedicated to custom dolls.

Flickr Users-please do not post pictures unless you have a paid account.
If you do not have a paid account, your pictures will eventually disappear and we'll have a bunch of blank nothings.
Photobucket and TinyPic are good places for storing and linking pics.

If your images break and are not replaced within a week, your post will be deleted.

If you would like your doll to be the face on the Index, please PM Ravie. I would like stock face-ups, wigs and eyes.

If you have any questions, please PM Ravie.

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