I've searched this section and didn't find anything...

But I'm wondering, what is a fair price for a nude Namu Trunk these days? Thanks for your help if you can. smile
Honestly I didn't think your $50 request was out of line at all when you were selling him, but maybe the people new to Pullips aren't into Namus as much?
I agree with the comment above me. I've seen your post and your price is very fair, I just think Namus are less popular than Taeyangs, especially Trunk because of his "orange" skintone, and it might take a little longer to find a buyer. But don't worry, you will!
im actually a fan of Namu - ill have 3 when i get my custom from reqium - and if i had the money i probably would buy Trunk so i could customize him - so its not that you have an unfair price just the economy suxs and Namu isnt to popular
Thanks everyone, I appreciate your input! I thought my price was probably fair, I just wanted to make sure. grin
I'm wondering what a fair price for a nude Trunk with original wig? I haven't seen many around so I'm not sure what a fair price is.

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