Pullip Lovers in Atlanta?
Anyone here from the ATL area? I think a meet-up would be fun! grin
Hello how are you. I love in Atlanta Ga and I love pullips too i have 6 of them. a meet up would be nice.Happy
Cool. I also live in the ATL area. Only just started with Pullips, but have 5 so far.
cool i have 6 so far which ones do you haveHappy
Classic Mad Hatter, Classic White Rabbit, Romantic Alice, Regen Noir, and Whilhelmina. What about you?
My select pullip paja, my select pullip melissa, taeyang,william.taeyang missionary pullip dorothy and Dal heart macaroon
Hello! I'm in the Atlanta area as well, and I would love to meet some fellow doll lovers! Although I don't have any Pullips yet, I have some other dolls that I can bring if they're welcome. I'll be out of the country until August 1, but if anyone would like to meet after, please PM me!

Update 08/30: I now have a Pullip Akemi and an Isul Glen. I would still love to meet some Pullip lovers!

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