Elise in Wonderland
I recently bought a second Another Alice pullip from VOTD and I decided to name her Elise. I already have an Alice, an Eris, an Allison and a Malice so I was kind of running out of Alice names LOL
[Image: 4178794915_b10365eb1a.jpg]
[Image: 4173205280_cfac828f16.jpg]
[Image: 4172207054_1c2d7bf6fd.jpg]
[Image: 4172449977_438766ab5d.jpg]
[Image: 4178790957_aa97fbf1b8.jpg]
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Nice photo shoot smile Love the artsy playing cards!
Very pretty, you did a great job, these pictures are really special and fit in the Alice in Wonderland theme perfectly.
Very pretty pictures!I love Alice in wonderland !Your pullip is so beautiful with red wig.And i love the little bunny ^^
I love your Another Alice! She's adorable ^^
What an awesome shoot! The cards are so cool; your AA is awesome. Happy
I really love these photos. >w<
She looks so beautiful in that wig.

Mines at the house, but I cant' get at her until Chirstmas. I can't wait~

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