A re-introduction to the family!
Hi, all! grin

I've been sadly -very- absent from the Pullip community for way too long--but I really really really want to come back! If you'll have me. D;

Anyway! I decided that the best way to get back into things here would be to take updated pictures of all of my family of Pullip & company. So, in no particular order, here they are!

[Image: 4247239318_fc51a0943a.jpg]

[Image: 4246449885_106f39c947.jpg]

[Image: 4247215720_0513e20997.jpg]

Penny Lane:
[Image: 4247236272_d1de9205cd.jpg]

[Image: 4246447125_3ccd7f1038.jpg]

Street (doesn't have another name yet!):
[Image: 4247233108_610fec080f.jpg]

[Image: 4246452931_b3875f4eab.jpg]

[Image: 4247230158_f685fa5494.jpg]

[Image: 4247218684_2108b3d595.jpg]

And that is all! grin Thanks for looking! grin
OMG- Torrent looks sooooo cute in that pic!! Street is beautiful and Mairaen as awesome as allways. ^w^
Thank you Mizuki! grin
Hi!!!!! They are Beautiful, I love Torrent, Awesome!
Hi, GreyBird! grin Thank you so much for the nice compliment! ^^
Woah! Ypu have such a unique pullip collection!
If you live to be one hundred years old, I want to live to be one hundred minus a day, so I never have to live one day without you. - Pooh Bear
AWWW! your dals are soooo Cute!!! Who is Penny Lane? She's adorable!

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