Prixton's Feedback
I am new here, but please PM me for feedback links (from other forums). Please use this thread to post feedback for me for dollymarket transactions smile
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Prixton commissioned me for a dal hoodie. She was excellent to work with - very clear and friendly communication, and paid promptly. I'd highly recommend her. smile
+1 as a participant in the Dollmore GO. Thanks so much for being a part of it.
+1 for seller!
Super fast shipping, every detailed for flaws and just nice.
Thanks for the dollie(:
+1 for being an absolutely awesome buyer.

Prixton purchased the Melize stock outfit from me. She sent immediate payment, let me know when it arrived and also left me feedback without me having to bug her about it. She's an excellent buyer and one I would definitely recommend! smile Thank you for the smooth transaction!
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+1 as a seller. Ceil arrived well packaged in great condition. Thanks!
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+1 as a buyer

Prixton paid promptly and was a pleasure to do business with. Thanks! Happy
+1 as a seller

Really great and friendly to deal with! Would happily do business with again.
+1 as a seller.

Kept great communication and item arrived well packaged. Thanks!
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Wanted: Black Angelic Pretty outfit and Harley Quinn's stock FULL WANT LIST
+1 as a seller

great communication, very patient & friendly, quick postage, all good grin
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+1 as a seller, communication was great and items were perfect! Thanks!
Feedback -
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+1 as a seller! I bought Another Soldier Rabbit from her. Communication was good and we were able to reach a pricing agreement that worked out well for both of us. Shipping was lightning fast and the doll arrived in exactly the condition as described! I'm SO HAPPY to have ASR in my doll family finally! Thank you! grin
+1 as a great seller!

I bought an Obitsu body from her...Clear and pleasant communication, fast shipping, perfect item -- I couldn't ask for a better transaction! Thanks! yay
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