KiraKira's Feedback
+1 as seller. Thank you. love the items
+1 buyer~

Fast payment and really friendly, was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much! <33
+1 as a seller, thanks so much! I appreciated the little extras, too. smile

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+1 for being a fantastic buyer! Super friendly and very quick payment. Pleasure to deal with her! yay
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+1 as an awesome seller. I have purchased twice from KiraKira and been uber pleased with the transactions both times. Definately will shop with this gal again!
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+1 positive, boots received super fast with some yummy extras. thank you!
+1 as a seller, super fast shipping, kept in touch the whole time and friendly to deal with. Thanks so much!!
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+1 Great buyer! Fantastic transaction yet again. Kirakira is one of the best people to work with on the DM. Thanks!
Great buyer, prompt pay and friendly communication! Always a pleasure to chat with. smile
+1 for a trade~
+1 as buyer!
She bought a custom head from me, paid promptly and let me know as soon as it arrived! Great transaction! Thanks smile
+1 Wonderful buyer.

KiraKira was a pleasure to deal with. She had great communication and prompt payment. Thanks so much.
+1 as a seller!
I bought Xiao Fan's outfit. Communication was friendly and the items arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. Thank you very much!
+1 as a seller! Bought a wig from her, arrived exceptionally quickly and in perfect condition. Overall was a very pleasant transaction and would recommend. :3
+ 1 as a seller.

I bought a wig from Kirakira, it's a gorgeous wig, & she took extra pics for me & shipped it really quick smile


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