KiraKira's Feedback
+1 as a seller! Sold me a loose wig, packed up safe, netted, and sent to me lightning-quick! Awesome transaction!
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+1 as a seller, she responded promptly to my PMs and was patient waiting for my money to go through.

She is very speedy with the packaging and shipping.

I would definitely buy from her again!!
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+1 as seller
I've bought the partial outfit of Lan Ake from her !
I've received very quickly !
Thank you again
+ 1 for a sweet buyer thanks so much!
+1 as a buyer. Great transaction, thanks!
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+1 as a seller! Very nice and super understanding even though I've probably been a terrible buyer ^^; *so many internet problems!*
+1 as a buyer smile

Super Fast transaction and great communication! Kept me updated and let me know when her doll arrived!
+1 Cool buyer!
+1 for being an absolutely lovely buyer!~ <3
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+1 for a great buyer/splitter! Paid super-promptly, lovely communication, everything you could want in a buyer. smile
+1 as a seller!

I just told my 7 year old that KiraKira is one of my two favorite DM sellers, and he asked why...I want to share what I said here.

I replied that she is always super friendly and nice in communication, always has great items in excellent condition, ships really quickly, and I always know I'm going to have a very positive transaction with her. I like her and I trust her.Happy

That said, yet another 100% positive transaction! I bought a pair of jeans for my Eric from her and they are now our favorite jeans...thank you so much!
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+1 Great trading Partner yay <3 I love doing customs for her :3
+1 for a smooth transaction! thank u!
+1 for super awesome seller!

Purchased a Pirate themed Wa-Loli outfit for Pullip from her. She was super nice and easy to talk to and was shipper lightning fast. Very smooth transaction! Looking forward to buying from her again!
+ 1 positive

A great seller, a very nice person to deal with! smile The wigs are better than in pictures.
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