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KiraKira's Feedback
+1 trader~

Traded an outfit for two kimono that I really liked. Really friendly and easily one of the most pleasant people to deal with. Shipping was quick too! Thanks so much!
+1 seller! I bought Coral stock and some boots! thank you so much!
+ 1 as a seller and very nice person to deal with. Thanks!
Bought a pair of Taeyang jeans from seller. Emails, shipping, everything is awesome! Would gladly buy from again...and again! Thanks!
+1 seller!
Super friendly, fast communication and quick shipping.
Thanks again!
+1 as a fantastic buyer! Communication was perfect, payment was very prompt! Thanks again!
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KiraKira bought a custom Taeyang of mine and she was a doll to work with. She paid promptly and was great on communication smile
The Young Machetes
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+1 positive, sent me eye levers that I needed for free. such a sweetheart!!
+1 seller yaybought an obitsu from her. fast shipment and she sent along some treats too <3 would definitely recommend and deal with again <3 <3 <3
+1 as one of the Top 3 Best Sellers on DM!

KiraKira is a delight to interact with, be it a transaction, PM, or within a thread. I purchased a lot of clothes for my gals from her, and everything was perfect. She also added a ton of extras, from clothing for my girls, to jewelry and hair clippies, to delicious Japanese candies! Wow! It felt like Christmas in July! And the package got here super fast!

Whenever I see a sales post from KiraKira, I'm always eager to see what she's selling. She's so great to work with that I really want to buy something from her, every time!

My pic-fic, SVM: Drop Dead Gorgeous, is no more. Check out the tiny archive here: Episode 1 Heart 2 Episode 2 Heart 2
+2 from me for the two wigs I purchased from her which came faster than the speed of sound!

Thanks very much.
+2 for participating in the 2nd Leeke GO and for purchasing a Leeke wig from me! As always, she is such a sweetheart to work with! I always look forward to working with Kira!! Super communication, fast payment, perfect transactions! Thank you so much!!!! <3
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Wanting: FL LF Ante
+1 Seller! I just bought a beautiful wig from her and everything went fantasticallysmile Thank you!!
+ for the Lead split. So sorry for all of the BS I put you through thank you for being so kind & I really hope it arrives soon!
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thx to JennyCupcakes
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+1 as a buyer! Excelant deal! thank you very much!
ira.mish. Get yours at

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