KiraKira's Feedback
+1 as a traveling doll host. KiraKira was a stellar host! She took lovely pictures of Penny and abided by the guidelines and terms she agreed to. I appreciate the prompt shipment to the next host. Thank you so much, KiraKira! Heart
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+1 as a seller. Bought a Yeolume wig. As always Kirakira shipped super fast and let me know when she did.

+1 for KiraKira! Really awesome person to do business with. Super sweet, great communication, very patient!
+1 for KiraKira as a buyer - excellent communication and prompt payment, a pleasure to transact with :-D
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+1 as a seller! grin Thanks to her, I finally got my gral of many years- Veritas' stock- for a good price! smile (My local pirate-girl, Suiseiseki, looks so great in it!) Thanks a bunch!! smile
+1 Paid quickly for her part of the Licht Doll Group Order.
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+1 as a seller!

Bought some Pukifee clothing from her and everything went as smooth as possible. It's always a pleasure doing business with KiraKira. Thanks!
+1 as a seller!

I bought some more of her Pukifee clothing. KiraKira is always a pleasure to deal with and I'm sure I buy more things from her in the future.
+1 for another fabu transaction. My favorite person to do business with. wink
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+1 as a buyer. Bought a Taeyang Willy Wonka from me and was very easy to work with. smile Thanks! smile
+1 as a seller

Bought some clothing, stock, stands and KiraKira was wonderful to deal with as usual. Thanks!
+1 as a seller, I bought some shirts from her and eye chips, communication was great, shipping was fast, and she was super nice. Thank you for the extra. smile
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+1 as a split partner!
We split a Fraulein and it was a flawless transaction. I couldn't ask for a better split partner. Thanks!
+1 for a trade!

She made me up some eyechips in trade for some Taeyang pants. It's always a pleasure to deal with KiraKira!
+1 as a seller. I bought a lot of clothes from her. She was communicative and shipped super fast! Thanks so much!
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