1000 Words [Angelic Pretty Sfoglia Pullip]
[Image: 4336134833_772db06b69_o.jpg]
[Image: 4336134741_044e0a5418_o.jpg]

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She looks so wonderful. I love her wig. n____n
[Image: 985836219.png] [Image: 990079189.png] [Image: 243424796.png][Image: 962933148.png]
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She's just so pretty. :3 Her outfit is awesome!
Thanks everyone
Yuna got a new wig :]
[Image: 4426554288_6144749d40_o.jpg]
[Image: 4426554258_8a43a61a9c_o.jpg]
[Image: 4426554230_2227cf0c3f_o.jpg]
[Image: 4392806453_711974cf50_o.png]
BEAUTIFUL XD Amazing pictures... they remind me of happiness XD

[Image: 4411431791_d1aa67b3b7_o.png]

wow she's just super sexy! that wig is awsome!
Thankies <3 I didn't mean to make her boobies pop out like that
[Image: 4392806453_711974cf50_o.png]
i love her new wig! i've been trying to find 2-tone wigs everywhere and coming up short sad Gosh Yuna is gorgeous!
[Image: f4iwk8.pngp]
thx to JennyCupcakes
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Aww thanks Mob Good luck finding your wig it was kinda hard to find one that fit Yuna The wig on Himitsu was suppose to be her's but I found this one fit better
[Image: 4392806453_711974cf50_o.png]
so pretty ^^
Yuna is gorgeous! You have such a pretty pullip collection! grin
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OMG! I LOVE her new wig! She looks so Fab!!!! <3

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