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My Pirate Girl (Byul custom)
My first Byul custom is finally finished.
I hope you like her! Happy

[Image: 4563631824_74d2bd33b6.jpg]

[Image: 4563631486_eb4f93511a.jpg]

[Image: 4563000635_f2ca2b996e.jpg]

[Image: 4563630708_6682b724a0.jpg]

[Image: 4562999839_8cb7c50fba.jpg]

[Image: 4562999417_46f7a87454.jpg]
OMG what a wonderful job! I love her!
Wow Sue, she's amazing! I didn't think it was possible for me to like a Byul--but I love her! smile
I don't usually like Byul's but she's amazing!
oh she is precious!
[Image: 2138763065_73134a72b8.jpg]
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adorable faceup!
You are from Germanygrin

Oh and I love your girl and the pics Heart 2
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Fantastic face-up & costume! Did you do the face-up?
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Wow! She is amazing!

I never thought I would like Byul's but I have seen a few lately, including your lovely girl, that are making me change my mind slightly. I don't like any Byul's in their original form but it seems they can be quite adorable if customised.

Does your amazing girl have a name?
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Thanks so much everyone! ^__^
I'm so glad that I can spread the Byul-love a little bit with her.

@KiraKira: Yes, I did the face-up. It's my second full face-up, so it took me a while to finish it. ^^

@princesspetal: Unfortunatly she still has no name yet, I'm thinking about it. smile
oooh cute~
i looove her wig *_*
She's Gorgeous!!! *0* Seriously!!! I love her!
Thanks so much! <3
Amazing! I love her eyes <3
Wow Sue, she's amazing!

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